How To Moisturize Nasal Passage Naturally

Remedies For Dry Nasal Passage

When the nasal passage lacks adequate moisture it leads to a dry nose. A dry nose can cause wheezing, itching and other breathing problems. The moisture present in our noses is there for good reason. It primarily helps in the production of mucus; this mucus catches all the bacteria, virus and other harmful particles and prevents them from entering into the airway and the lungs. There are times though that one may experience a dry nose. Many medications such as nasal sprays and oral allergic medicines can lead one to have a dry nose. If you are on any kind of oral medication then have your doctor review the same. Hot or dry weather could also cause a dry nose due to the lack of humidity in the air.

Here are few remedies that will help you with that dry nose. Chicken soup is an excellent remedy for a dry nose. This soup has a lot of nutrients and it also helps in heating up the nasal passage. Another added advantage is that chicken soup contains an element called selenium. This helps boost the immune system and also maintains good health. Take a glass of lukewarm water and add about ¼ of a teaspoon of salt to it, and stir. With the aid of a medicine dropper, drop a few drops in your left nostril while closing the right one. Do this 2-3 times in a day to lubricate your nasal passage. However, make sure that the solution has drained out completely before you add more drops into your nose. A sauna or a steam bath will also be very helpful. This is simply because the high levels of humidity that are present in them will reduce the congestion in your chest. An increased intake of fluid, through water and juices, will help elevate the hydration levels in the body and thus in turn, will help hydrate the tissues that are present in the nose. Another method of increasing moisture in the nose would be to apply a little petroleum jelly on the inside of the nose. A supplement to petroleum jelly would be sesame oil; this will also help soothe the nose.

However if you notice that the inside of the nose has begun to crack and bleed or, along with a dry nose you are also experiencing dry eyes and a dry mouth then I would recommend consulting a physician immediately.
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