Normal Testosterone Levels in Men by Age Group

The benchmark for normal testosterone levels in men may vary widely depending on your doctor’s interpretation and/or the lab you use to examine your blood.

Even between people the amount of testosterone you require may be different than the man sitting next to you.

As you age, your testosterone requirements may change over time.

Different hormone levels fluctuate, stress may increase, or other disease factors may influence your need for testosterone.

There’s a delicate balance between your hormones and neurotransmitters. Offset one, and your testosterone needs may change.

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men
Typically when you’re younger (ages 14-20), your testosterone levels are at it's highest. As you gradually age, your testosterone levels diminish, resulting in a less vigorous, weaker, fatigued you.

Your testosterone levels can influence your thoughts and actions just as much as your physical health.

Testosterone is responsible for your libido, energy and ambitious nature. Without it you will be but a whimper of your former self.

Think of your dog when he gets neutered. Yes, he may be easier to get along (which may serve well for a pet), but he’s lost his edge. If you were to let him loose to survive alone in the wilderness, he’d most likely be lost.

You don’t want to be some woman’s pet you do? Women don’t respect subservience anyways. They want a take charge, confident man. All the things testosterone can deliver. If the thought of being a pet disgusts you, then getting your testosterone levels topped up may serve you well.

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men by Age (Healthy)

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men (Healthy Non-Diabetic)

Your ranges may change depending on what lab your doctor uses. For statistical purposes the typical male testosterone level is between 250ng/dl to 850 ng/dl. But… this is not a healthy range!

Reference ranges aren’t typically set by what is healthy and what is not. They are set by where 95% of the population lies. Do you honestly think 95% of the population is healthy? I didn’t think so. Unfortunately many doctors fall in to this line of thinking.

These ranges aren’t set for men interested in living a virile, energetic, ambitious quality of life. They are a cross section of men aged 20 to 100… many of them are sick and not healthy.

All the time I see men’s doctors giving them a testosterone reading of 275 ng/dl or so, and being told it’s “normal”, because it falls within range.

If this happens you have a couple options. You can kindly tell your doctor you have the testosterone level of a sick 90 year old, and maybe he or she will come around.

Better yet... you may be better off detailing your symptoms of low testosterone like fatigue, loss of sex drive, foggy headedness, etc... Tell him your job is suffering or you may get fired, or your wife/girlfriend is about to leave you due to libido or money problems. With a doctor, desperation can get you places. Most will feel sorry for you.

Doctors will usually come around once you explain the seriousness of your case. And if they don't come around to what should be considered normal testosterone levels in men... shop around. Life extension clinics are much more likely to shoot towards the top of the reference range for testosterone levels. They get what quality of life is about, and what’s needed to get there.

Osteopaths I would consider second best for proper testosterone therapy, with urologists or endocrinologists third, behind your general practitioner.

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